My name is Garett Bolles.

My teenage years were hard — I switched junior highs and high schools five different times. I was failing all of my classes, hanging out with the wrong crowd, and battling addictions. I even spent time in jail.

It wasn’t until I found a group of mentors — people who saw the good in me and were willing to work with me on seeing it for myself — that my life turned around.

They created a plan of success for me.

I had tutors who helped me manage my ADHD and discover tools that would make school a place of success. I had coaches who pushed me to achieve physical victories. I had someone who helped me lessen my anxiety and establish healthy sleep patterns. I had another person who was focused on reframing the negative ways in which I thought and talked to myself.

This team of mentors were as interested in my spiritual wholeness as they were in my physical health.

Over time, I started to discover that I had more potential than I had ever realized. My life had a purpose. I could excel and achieve amazing things.

My story could have a happy ending.

Through this mentoring process, I was able to focus on who I was and believe in the reality of living my dream of playing in the NFL. That turn around is the biggest blessing in my life, and I want others to experience the same success.

This is the mission of the GB3 Foundation

To provide mentorship, resources, and a community focused on helping every child live their dream.